Important Facts, Information, and Policies

Welcome to Rhodes Beach Resort Negril at the magnificent Rhodes Hall estate. We want your stay to be enjoyable, educational, and memorable. The following information will answer most of your questions about our property and assist you in understanding what we are all about.

Contact Numbers

Rhodes Beach Resort Negril Main Office1-876-957-6334BayView Restaurant1-876-957-6928
Guest Services1-876-431-6322Maintenance1-876-364-6819
Security - Main Gate1-876-384-5953Email:info@rhodesresort.com
Transportation - Tours1-876-373-5596Fax:1-876-957-6333

Mailing Address

Rhodes Resort Jamaica Ltd., c/o Rhodes Hall, Negril PO, Westmoreland, Jamaica West Indies

Check-In 2:00 PM - Check-Out 11:00 AM

We reserve the right to charge USD$30.00 for Late Check-in or Late Check-Out. Please notify the hotel in advance if you have any special requests.


All rates are based on double occupancy; that is, the price is the same whether one or two people are staying in the room. Additional adults in same room will be charged $36USD per person per night based on maximum room occupancy. Children under age 6 yrs old staying in same room are no charge per night, subject to the legal occupancy limit of the room. Prices are subject to change without notice. All rates subject to General Consumption Tax (GCT) and service charge. (Currently, 10% general consumption tax, + $1 per night room occupancy tax, + 8% service charge.)

Sleeping Loft Restrictions

To assure the safety of your children, upper sleeping lofts are intended for adults or chidren over the age of 12 years-old only.

Deposit, Refund and/or Cancellation Policy

All reservations require a 50% deposit with the balance due payable in full upon the day of arrival. One Night bookings are charged, "IN FULL". Deposits can be made online or with your travel agent using a valid Visa, Master, or Discover Card. Cash deposits can be made through bank transfer and lodgment, or can be made directly to Rhodes Resort. Reservations cannot be held without a deposit. Cancellations made 30 days or more prior to the scheduled date of arrival will be refunded in full less the first night's stay when Rhodes Resort is notified in writing. Cancellations made in writing less than 30 days prior to the scheduled date of arrival will result in loss of deposit. New reservations are subject to resort availability. Furthermore, no refunds will be granted for no-shows, canceled or delayed flights or early departures, nor will your reservation payments be held on account for a new reservation under these circumstances. All cancellations that meet our cancellation policy and have a refund due will be processed in accordance with the policy stated. Refunds will be issued and processed within one month of written request.

Unregistered Guests

Only registered guests with proper identification are allowed in the room. Unregistered guests are permitted on the property between the hours 9:00AM to 6:00 PM daily upon the purchase of USD$10 Day Pass Fee per person per day. Unregistered guests are not allowed to stay on the property past 6:00 PM. Any unregistered guests staying on the property past 6:00PM will be required to reserve a room for the night (subject to availability) or leave the property. Unregistered guests joining registered guests of the hotel staying past 6:00PM will be deemed an overnight guest and as such will be subject to an additional USD$26 Charge per person, (assuming they have already paid the USD$10 day-pass fee). Otherwise, the charge is USD$36 per person per night for any unregistered guests on the property or in the room past 6:00PM or overnight, (subject to availability in the room). This policy follows Hotel Security Guidelines and is strictly enforced to secure the comfort, safety, and consideration of all registered guests of the hotel.

Complimentary Breakfast

As of Fall 2015, a complimentary breakfast is offered to registered guests of the hotel. Call Miss Anita Peterson at 1-876-295-1028, or email her at "bayview.peterson@yahoo.com" if you have any further questions.

Laundry Service

Laundry service is available to our guests and we offer next day service. The cost is USD$7 per load to wash colors and USD$8 per load to wash whites. Machine dry USD$7 per load and line dry is USD$4 per load. Charge to hand wash and line dry is USD$3 per item. There is a laundry form and basket in your unit. Fill out the form completely and leave your dirty laundry in the basket with the form on top. The housekeepers will handle it from there and return your laundry by the end of the following day. If you are in need of a laundry basket or a laundry form, please contact Housekeeping or Guest Services.

Beach Chairs, Beach Towels, Snorkeling Equipment

We do not leave our beach chairs on the beach as the ocean will wash them away. Beach chairs are not allowed in the water along the beach/shoreline or in the swimming pool. The grounds man or maintenance staff will be happy to place beach chairs anywhere you wish along the beach/shoreline and remove them at the end of the day. Beach towels are available from the resort office or from housekeeping at no charge to registered guests. Snorkeling equipment is available for guest use at the rate of USD$5 per day. If we do not have your charge card on file, a driver's license or major credit card is required and held as deposit until the snorkeling equipment is returned and inspected. Snorkeling equipment is inspected before and after each use then cleaned and sterilized for your protection. Lost or damaged equipment will attract a charge of USD$75 per set.

Kitchen Facilities & Damages

Only rooms equipped with full kitchens can be used for cooking full meals. Rooms with kitchenettes and no stove or burners are not equipped with frying pans, pots, or other cookware. Kitchenettes are designed for preparing coffee and tea, storage of cold beverages, preparing toast or other items that can simply be heated-up or cooked in the microwave, such as popcorn, or prepackaged snacks. Use of burners, frying, or bringing any other kitchen items to facilitate such cooking is prohibited in all rooms except those with full kitchens. Any items in your room are meant for use in that particular room or verandah and should never leave the property or immediate area around your room. Items in your room will be inventoried, and we do the reserve the right to charge for damaged or missing items. Rooms with full kitchens are designed for use by the inhabitants of that room only and are not intended nor equipped to “cater” meals for other hotel guests or unregistered guests unless permission is gained in advance. Permission will be based upon managements discretion and the special circumstances of each individual case.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are available to hotel guests subject to availability upon request at no charge. In order to place local and long distance calls, “phone cards” can be purchased in varying amounts from the bar or restaurant when available or from local grocery, gas station or convenient stores. International rates are approximately USD$0.30 per minute and local rates are approximately USD$0.03 per minute (subject to change). There is no charge for incoming calls from anywhere in the world. Lost or damaged phones will be charged to the room at the rate of USD$75. Keep your cell phone with you at all times and you will always be able to contact us when you need to.

Satellite TV & Wireless High Speed Internet

Most rooms in the resort are equipped with a satellite TV receiver and a television set capable of receiving satellite TV and/or access to local TV with the use of rabbit ear antenna's which we provide upon request. Some rooms do not have television sets or satellite receivers. We provide the satellite TV service in the rooms that have receivers as a complimentary service. Jamaica must rely on the "over bleed" of the satellite signal that overlaps continental United States. That is why the satellite dishes in Jamaica are 6 feet in diameter or more as compared with just 18 inches in the states. As such, cloudy or windy weather, storms, or other atmospheric conditions here or abroad can interfere with the signal at any time. Because of this, we regret we cannot guarantee the satellite service or the signal as it is totally out of our control. Likewise, we broadcast a wireless high speed internet signal throughout the property, also provided as a complimentary service. The internet service is dependent on the integrity of the phone line provided by Cable & Wireless Jamaica. The internet service and indeed the phone service itself is not always reliable and as such we cannot guarantee when the wireless network signal will be “up“ and connected. This also is beyond our control. A DVD player and a limited amount of movies are available upon request and subject to availability at the daily rate of USD$10 per day.

Use of Venue and Special Events

Rhodes Hall Plantation is available for Weddings, Fun Days, and other special events. Use of venue charges vary anywhere between USD$1,000 - $3,000, depending on choice of venue, time of year, day in the week, size of group, and schedule. Catering is available. Guests of the hotel are not allowed to use rooms with full kitchens to cater or assist in catering of a Wedding or a special event. All catering must be provided by our caterers or your own outside caterers. Wedding planning is available, including J.P., flowers, photography, video, cake, champagne, honeymoon suite, dinner, etc. All wedding charges are calculated on an individual basis Rooms may also be provided for the wedding party at reduced rates depending on the rooms and length of stay.

Seawater/Mineral Spring Pool

In keeping consistent with our "Green" policy, our innovative, seaside, infinity pool, uses only pure seawater and mineral spring water. We use no chemicals or detergents whatsoever. There is no stagnant water and "fresh water" is constantly pumped into the pool and runs over a notch in the top of the wall and returns to the sea. Whatever conditions are in the sea are the same conditions in the pool. It is just like being in the ocean without actually going into the ocean. When the sea is rough, the pool can sometimes get cloudy just as the sea can get cloudy. This does not mean the pool is dirty or unsanitary, certainly no more so that the sea itself. This is the result of having a much more environmentally friendly pool. We do drain the pool once per week to flush out any accumulated sand, so we do ask your understanding while performing necessary pool maintenance. Please follow posted Pool Rules at all times so as to maximize yours and other's safety and enjoyment.

Power and Water

Just like the phone, internet, or satellite service can go down from time to time. The power grid and subsequent water pumping stations can also go down. In this case we have more direct control as we do have a standby power plant and fresh water storage. We ask your patience if the water or power goes out while we switch over to standby facilities. Your room is equipped with a plug-in flashlight that should come on automatically when the power goes out. You can remove it from the wall outlet and walk about the room until the power is restored. Then, just replace the flashlight back into the wall outlet in the, “on“ position to keep it charged up in case you need it again and for the convenience of other guests to use.

About Conservation

Rhodes Resort/Rhodes Hall Plantation prides itself on being a "Green" hotel. As such we are always mindful of energy and water conservation. Our laundry policy in the hotel is as follows: We change bed linens every third day, unless our guest specifically requests daily changing of bed linens. If you are able to use your towel(s) a second or third day, please leave them hanging on the towel bar or shower rod. When you want your towels changed, leave them in the laundry basket, or on the floor under or near the vanity. All laundry is line-dried unless inclement weather makes the use of electric dryers absolutely necessary. We also ask that you do not leave your air conditioning unit, lights or fans on when not in the room or when leaving the room for a long period of time, or leaving doors open when the air conditioning is on. We use a highly efficient, chilled water system, that helps conserve electricity. This system is very sensitive to the external temperature and use of the air conditioning units within a particular hotel block and the main external compressor unit will shut itself down if it is cool outside or senses no units in use within that hotel block. If you are uncomfortable and you feel the main unit may need to be re-started, please call Guest Services or Maintenance. Most rooms come equipped with a ceiling fan. If you use the fan, then it is best not to use the air-conditioning as it will inhibit it's efficiency. If you want the air-conditioning, it will function better if the ceiling fan is left off. The air-conditioning will also function better if you leave the windows and doors securely shut and draw the blinds where direct sunshine is present.

The Reef & Glass Bottom Boat

Our property and shoreline is blessed by a massive, one mile long reef just beyond our shoreline. This reef not only protects our beaches from rough weather and keeps out larger fish, but affords our guests access to the most diverse, healthy and accessible reef in Western Jamaica. Corals are unusually large, old, and rapidly growing. There are sea sponge communities, numerous species of colorful tropical fish and dazzling coral formations steps from our shoreline. You can also view the reef from our Glass Bottom Boat. Registered guests of the hotel enjoy reduced rates. Our guides will take you to the most developed locations and snorkeling equipment is included for those who want a closer look. You can enjoy the leisurely boat ride as, speedboats, jet-ski’s, and other large motorized craft are not allowed inside the reef so your safety and enjoyment is maximized and impact on the reef is minimized. We also ask guests not to touch, move or remove anything from the ocean. These reefs are among those Jamaican reefs most in need of protection on grounds of exceptional growth rate, diversity, and productivity, and deserve the highest status of protection as part of the proposed Negril Marine Park and National Environmental Protection Agency. We take pride in protecting all of the natural resources and ask our guests to respect the same.

About our Horses

Our entire herd is free-range quarter horse. This is a smaller horse than your typical U.S. trail horse and can withstand the heat and rough terrain. Our horses are lean, muscular and very fit. They have to be to manage the loose, rocky, mountainous conditions prevailing in Jamaica. Our horse are not stall kept. They are allowed to range freely every night, on weekends, and whenever they are not working. Horses like to run in packs when they are free and sometimes will nip at each others necks or hindquarters creating minor cuts or bruises common to any wild horses. Despite their relative freedom, they are very well trained and responsive. Our guides are very knowledgeable and have great command of there horses. They are each assigned there own horse and it is a source of individual pride for each of them to keep there horses clean, well groomed, and healthy. There is no Horseback riding on Saturdays. Registered guests of the resort enjoy reduced rates.

About Our Nature Reserve

All of Rhodes Hall Plantation is a Bird and Animal Sanctuary. We enjoy a strategic partnership with all the animals that call Rhodes Hall it’s home. We have scores of endemic bird species such as parrots, hummingbirds, heron, ducks, blackbirds, pelicans, along with Dominique chickens and Roosters, White Ducks, Geese, and the Indian Blue Peacock. We don’t cage any of our animals unless they are sick or otherwise in need of protection, including the horses and crocodiles. We have a small penned-in fresh water pond to satisfy the ducks and geese’s needs and protect them from night predators. Our crocodile reserve has a small nursery where young crocodiles are kept safe from cannibalism until maturity. Then they are released into there natural habitat which adjoins the nursery and we simply call “Crocodile Lake”. Here, our guests are afforded the rare privilege of seeing this magnificent creature in it’s natural habitat from our unique floating, low impact, viewing platform. Here the crocodile is just being a crocodile, not trained to jump through a hoop and say “hello”. We offer a guided, narrated, educational tour down our pristine, natural shoreline, passing important plant and tree species, countless birds and other shoreline life, along the environmentally critical mangrove swamp finally taking a path through the swamp itself with all the important mangrove species and plants in full view, culminating at the crocodile nursery and Crocodile Lake. We do not allow unsupervised access to the nature reserve past the beach stables for your own protection and for the protection of the environment and animals. We have a responsibility to protect our guests and the environment itself. It is strictly prohibited to hike, walk, explore, or otherwise visit this part of the property or the property on the landward side of the main road without a guide. The property is over 550 acres, mountainous, jungle-like in places, and even those familiar with the property can get lost or hurt. In addition to the above, please avoid feeding the crocodiles, wild birds, and the domestic and exotic birds on the property, such as the ducks, geese, and peacocks. Some of the animals on are special diets and certain foods can alter their behavior or make them extremely ill.

Reef Conservation & Safety

We pride ourselves on our natural, unspoiled coastline, comprised of a combination of sandy beaches and natural stone outcroppings. Coral should never be touched or walked on if it can be avoided. The coral can die by the slightest human touch and certain varieties can actually sting you with a venom. We recommend you purchase or bring with you rubber soled, mesh-top beach shoes. This is the living sea and you never know when you may come across a sea urchin, crab, or other creature buried beneath the sand. Jet-ski’s are strictly prohibited by law within the reef as is damaging the coral or removing any coral formations from the sea.

History & Particulars

Rhodes Hall Plantation is an Independent District in the Parrish of Hanover located between the towns of Orange Bay to the West and Green Island to the East. The property is over 550 acres and has a mile of shoreline and covers every type of terrain from beach to coral coast, from mangrove swamp to freshwater lake, from mountain tops to valleys and tropical jungle. Coconut, mango, banana, and plantain, have been in continuous cultivation since the 1700’s. Sugar cane was also grown here and boiled down in giant pots that still dot the property. The property has it’s own fresh mineral spring providing cool water you can feel welling as you swim along the shoreline, said to soothe arthritis and sore muscles. Our access road is part of the original roadway system that connected Montego Bay to Negril. It is said the Estates original owner and namesake of the property was Cecil Rhodes, famous of course for the Rhodes Scholarship Program and founding the country of Rhodesia.


Rhodes Hall Plantation has professional 24 hr. security. We take our guests privacy and peace of mind very seriously. Only registered guests, management, and employees are given an automatic pass through the main gate upon verification of status. As such all vehicles are subject to search including the trunk, at the discretion of the security officer on duty. Any other persons will not be allowed to pass the main gate without properly identifying themselves and their business at Rhodes Hall Plantation. The visitor will be asked to wait while the security officer makes the necessary inquiries regarding granting that person access on to the property. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to locate the right person, so we ask your patience while we fulfill our responsibility to protect our property and guests. Upon gaining the necessary approval, you will be directed by the security office where to go. Hotel guests may contact the security office directly to advise them in advance of any drivers coming to pick them up to simplify that person’s access. All other previously stated requirements or costs regarding unregistered guests or visitors still apply in all cases. It is strictly prohibited to bring any form of firearms or other weapons on to the property. No soliciting of any kind is allowed on the property especially illegal drugs. Rude, violent, or illicit behavior will subject that guest to leave the property. Being a guest at Rhodes Hall Plantation does not mean you have the right to have other people come on to the property except under the conditions previously stated. Those who wish to view the property, may at the security officers discretion, arrange for a private tour, or allow the visitor(s) access providing they pay a USD$5 per person day-pass fee that is refunded in full, providing the visitor(s) leave the property within 30 minutes of gaining access. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items left in rooms.

Taxi Drivers and Visitors

We encourage all of our guests to arrange their transportation requirements with our Transportation Director who will make sure you are in a licensed, insured, reliable taxi or bus. His number is on the contact page and his office is in the Resort Office Building across from the Laundry and Standby Plant. If guests arrange their own transportation we encourage only “red plate” taxis and buses and drivers with the proper licensing and insurance. It is the only way you can insure your own safety in the event of accident or other problems.

Outside drivers are permitted on to the property only for the time required to pick-up or drop-off their fares---maximum 20 minutes. Outside drivers bringing guests from other hotels to participate in any of our attractions are allowed to wait in the car park until their fare is ready to return or the tour they are on has concluded. The driver alone is allowed to bring attraction guests and pick-up or drop-off hotel guests. Any other persons in the taxi or bus other than the driver must wait at the security office until the driver leaves the property or be subject to payment of a USD$5 per person day-pass fee providing it is before 6:00PM. After 6:00PM extra persons in the taxi must wait at the security office. All vehicles are subject to search including the trunk at the discretion of the security officer on duty.


Pets are not allowed on property.